Bearsville Theater

Bluegrass Clubhouse and Miss Angie's Karaoke August 27

Most Thursdays

8-10pm Bluegrass

10pm Karaoke 

$$ - Pay what you want


Brian Hollander, guitar, vocals; Tim Kapeluck, mandolin, vocals; Geoff Harden, bass, vocals; Guy 'Fooch' Fischetti, fiddle; Bill Keith, banjo

And always, special guests. Pay what you want.

The Bluegrass Clubhouse has been taking place for a number of years on Thursday nights, and has now moved to the  beautiful stage in the lounge of the Bearsville Theater for its gatherings, which will continue on that night. The players collectively make up the Saturday Night Bluegrass Band and with traditional acoustic instruments, they find music from all forms and genres to play. Some of the members have played together for almost 30 years and there is a formidable bond among them that comes only with a thousand nights collectively spent on stage. Don't miss your chance to become a regular at these special gatherings.


August, 2009



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