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The CATBIRDS w sp gst, The Cathy Band from Brooklyn, NY

Catbirds @ Bearsville Theater Bearsville Theater Presents:

The CATBIRDS w special guest, The Cathy Band from Brooklyn, NY
Friday, September 14, 2012
8pm door / 9pm show

Genre:  rock'n'roll, or something
The Catbirds are:  Rikki Bates- drums
Dinty Child - guitar, mandocello, accordion, vox
Chandler Travis- bass, baritone guitar, vox
Steve Wood- guitar, vox
They are from Cape Cod, MA.  They formed in 2010

If Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga had quadruplets, except somehow they ended up being kind of musical in addition to being rather large and rubbery, and it happened about 50 or 60 years ago, well, presto! -the Catbirds.

Rikki Bates, distinctive, very tall amazing unforgettable drummer-in-a-dress with the Incredible Casuals, the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, and Space Pussy;

Dinty Child, youthful mandocellist/guitarist/accordionist/vocalist, also known for his work w. Session Americana, the Funky White Honkies, and the CTP; the man who put the second “o” in “potato”; more at the Session Americana website bio page;

Chandler Travis, the eldest, also of the Casuals and the CTP, still trying to make bass playing interesting after all these years, can also sing a little; more at the Chandler Travis website bio page;

and Steve Wood, formerly of the Freeze and the Greenheads, large candy and pulverizing wielder of the Steve Wood guitar and vocal technique, thug of thugs, loudest of the loud, the heart and soul of the Catbirds.

Yes, they have experience, for instance decades of musically bludgeoning New England and parts beyond, particularly the bay state of Massachusetts, which still votes funny as a result. These four converged in 2010 to fight the war on boring and to get all of you people moving again (which they hope to do by using the ancient techniques of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and crazy loud stupid stuff).

In summer 2011 The Catbirds presented their first recorded collision with the “Viborate” EP, an urgent message from Those Who Still Rock. The quartet spent two days in a studio last November and cut more songs than they could reasonably fit on one album, so consider this the appetizer for the main course, which will follow in the fall.

The Catbirds Website

Chandler Travis Website




September, 2012



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