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MamaLama / Mona Cedar and Jeff Boynton / Marc Sloan

mamalama @Bearsville Theater Bearsville Theater Presents:

MamaLama / Mona Cedar and Jeff Boynton /  Marc Sloan
Monday, July 30, 2012
7pm door / 7:30pm show
no cover charge

The "Monday Night Live" series at the Bearsville Theater presents MamaLama / Mona Cedar and Jeff Boynton /  Marc Sloan.  Though there's no cover charge, an optional monetary donation will always be appreciated.  All procedes will go to the bands.

Genre:  World
Mamalama is  Elizabeth Clark-Jerez - voice, harp, composition; Henry Lowengard - tenor recorder, Pianica, magyar citera, hammered dulcimer; Charlie Shikowitz - Violin, Tenor Banjo, mandolin, bell lyre; Sharon Penz - Cello.  With its intoxicating acoustic potion of harp, violin, cello, hammered dulcimer, bells, mandolin, flutes, frame drums, and ethereal choral voices—not to mention its overflowing magic chest of exotic instruments—Mamalama weaves a vibrant tapestry of Anglo-European folk and classical, early music (sacred/renaissance/medieval), psychedelia, modern minimalism, world music (South American, West African, Native American), and mystical, image-rich poetry. It’s an irresistible spell that carries the listener to realms both calming and stimulating.

Genre:  Spoken Word, Dance, Experimental
Mona Jean and Jeff Boynton 'Circuitry and Poetry' %40Bearsville TheaterMona Jean and Jeff united to make toys sing and poetry dance.  Circuitry and Poetry is an experimental performance project which pairs the art of circuit bending with that of poetry, dance, and sign language.  Science and art can play well together as evidenced in Circuitry& Poetry where Jeff Boynton’s DIY circuit bending electronics accompany Mona Jean Cedar’s communicative arts of dance, poetry and sign language.  More black art then science, circuit bending entails the subversive act of ripping open inexpensive electronic devices, ranging from children’s toys to keyboard instruments, exposing their circuit boards, and attacking their vulnerable insides by poking, probing, and prodding in the spirit of exploration to search for new sounds which are then activated at will.  Mr. Boynton’s deep classical music background as a cellist influences his performances on these ingenious circuits bent instruments, providing a soundscape over which Mona Jean performs.
Ms. Cedar creates her singular multi-layered approach to spoken word and movement by composing and choreographing with sign languages, both American and foreign.  Concurrently cryptic and clearly communicative, the highly visual-ness of sign language exponentially increases the expressiveness of the poetry and the dance. 
As Circuitry and Poetry  they have performed at Burning Man, all around Los Angeles and in Paris, France and through out Germany.   Together their unique talents create performances that astound with sound, pique with poetry and delight with dance.   As their evolution happens, so too do Jeff’s inventions. Presently, Jeff is manifesting interfaces which use light stimuli allowing Mona Jean to control sound by wearing LED lights on her fingers and gesturing into a camera that sends the signal to a Dvd player’s monitor where the interface interprets the light and dark areas on the screen into on and off signals sent to a bent Casio 240 keyboard triggering notes.

Marc Sloan:  Blue*Flamenco*Folk*SongPoem:  Marc Sloan performs original music for gut string classical guitar, drawing from the traditions of blues, spanish flamenco, persian, and folk music. He has worked with guitarist and composer Elliott Sharp via guitar and bass, experiments and collaborates within heavy modern electric mediums, and has also traveled Spain with his guitar studying Spanish blues.
The formation of Sloan’s music began on the Hillbilly Highway col de sac of Cincinnati Ohio, where Marc played classical piano in the 60's, sang in gospel choirs, and played bass all while King Records was just catching fire. After studying the guitar at Howard Early's music shop with Herb Rogers, he jammed out in the Clifton student ghettos of Cincinnati U. in the 70's with inventor Reed Ghazala and writer/poet Jim Reidel. Later traveling through Ohio, Michigan and Indiana with folk group 'Sanstone' (Skyp Gullette/Jim Miller and later blues musicians Cathy and Stuart Norton),  Marc eventually moved to Harlem NY, where he studied bass with Ron Carter at City College and went on to cut many records within the Lower East Side music scene of Manhattan.





July, 2012



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