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MULTIBEAST: a Phish Tribute -- Sat., March 4, 2017

MULTIBEAST, a new Phish tribute has just announced its formation, featuring the expertise of Jeff Mann on drums (Consider The Source), Chris DeAngelis on bass (Kung Fu/JAZZ is PHSH), Wiley Griffin on guitar (Teddy Midnight), and Shoheen Owhady on keys (Uncle Ebenezer). The group has announced a show at New York City's American Beauty on Thursday, March 2nd, followed by a performance in Woodstock at the Bearsville Theater on Saturday, March 4th.


The Tri-State’s phreshest, phinest & most eagerly-awaited Phish Tribute project will perform the Vermont Quartet's classic catalog with detailed mastery. Phish's vast repertoire allows this ensemble to recreate the raw, electric energy of the band’s small venue years, while the creativity in weaving powerful new spice into the sauce catapults the classic tunes to orbital beasts.


March, 2017



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