Bearsville Theater

Peter, Bethany and Rufus - Three Generations: A Folk Legacy of Woodstock

Tues., Oct 2 and Wed., Oct 3, 2007

Doors at 5:30pm; Show at 6:30pm

Tickets $10 adults; $5 Children



Three Generations:

A Folk Legacy of Woodstock

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary spent his summers in Woodstock as a child and teenager, painting at Art Students League under Sigmund Menkes, ushering at the Woodstock Playhouse, and later in the 1960's was part of the evolution of Woodstock into a center of music that helped to establish a new consciousness in America, a period sometimes called the "greening of America."

Now, Peter has chosen to come to Woodstock to tape a new PBS Television Special that brings multi-generations together as he performs for two nights at the Bearsville Theater, Oct 2 and 3 with his daughter, Bethany Yarrow and her musical partner, cellist Rufus Cappadocia. The concert is designed for all the generations since Puff, The Magic Dragon first reared his friendly head.

The kind of music that made Peter and his two musical partners icons of 60's folk music, as well as leaders of progressive political action, takes on a new, fresh, perspective when it unites with Bethany and Rufus, whose musical point of view combines contemporary jazz, world and blues with traditional folk.

Now, singing together, father and daughter, along with Rufus, all believing in the power of music as a way to bring communities together and foster the kind of peaceful spirit and progressive political consciousness that is so rarely heard in today's popular music, a new amalgam has emerged. This cross-generational perspcetive brings a sense of what was precious and important, yesterday, to today's exciting, volatile, but deeply troubled world.

Together, Peter, Bethany and Rufus, invoke a history that very much belongs to the 60's, and most specifically Woodstock, which was the vortex of much of its creation, but also brings a currency and vitality to what, for some, remains a memory, not a relevant statement for today.

Audiences from Woodstock will sing "old" songs together and feel the vigor of a music that never really left their hearts, or the hearts of most Americans for that matter. The concerts when taped, and the TV  Show when broadcast, will surely reignite the spirit of all those who watch it, reminding them of America's debt of gratitude to those who marched, sang and shepherded us all into a world of greater justice and fairness in the 1960's. It will also celebrate the next generation that carries that same 60's message but now expresses it in today's multi-faceted musical languages.

What better place to bring this legacy into a moment of reassertion and
recognition than Woodstock, the place from which so much of its inspiration first sprang.


October, 2007



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