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Tom Benton School of Music Recital followed by Geez Louise Show featuring Adrien Reju Band

Adrien Reju Band @Bearsville Theater

Tom Benton School of Music Recital followed by Geez Louise Show featuring Adrien Reju Band  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Student Recital

5:30 pm Geez Louise Band

7:00 pm Adrien Reju Band

- No cover charge -

Recital with students from 3:00 to 5:00 followed by band show, Geez Louise at 5:30 and Adrien Reju Band at 7pm.

Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Indie:  Current Members include: Jason Loughlin (guitar), Steven Mertens (bass, co-writing), Chris Egan (drums)

Adrien Reju has captivated audiences with her clear, lilting voice and sparkling stage presence since she was a child performing on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera. After studying with Argentinian classical guitarist Pablo Cohen at Ithaca College, the New York City raised singer-songwriter took to the music circuit of Philadelphia, toured nationally with the rootsy trio Angel Band with folk legend David Bromberg, and was the creative force behind the Philadelphia-based bluegrass outfit The Lowlands.

On her debut solo release, A Million Hearts, “Reju waxes in a new style, burnishing her timeless sensibility into laid-back sparkly pop that registers on the familiarity meter somewhere between Feist and Petula Clark.” (Tara Murtha, Philadelphia Weekly).

In her solo work, Adrien explores a more serene side of herself through and soulful voice, depth in lyric, and an understated delivery that allows her to build up to key moments in a song. The songs have a classic sound with pretty melodies that swim across the backdrop of a heavy drum beat.

A Million Hearts features Reju’s original songs as well as writing collaborations with the album’s producer Pete Donnelly (Mike Viola, Soul Asylum, NRBQ) and Philadelphia music-scene luminaries Chris Kasper and Andrew Chalfen (The Trolleyvox). The album’s highlights include a fun cover of Melanie’s classic “Brand New Key,” a vocal duet with pop prodigy Jim Boggia, and full vocal harmonies, toy piano, and handclaps.

CBS Philly listed her as one of the 10 Best Local Songwriters in Philadelphia: “Adrien Reju is a tiny muse that seems borrowed from another era, churning out songs that are half 70s AM radio gold and half Tin Pan Alley…. Occasional hints of whimsy like tickled barrel-house piano or muted horn solos help to define her produced tracks, but even stripped bare her songs retain their heft thanks to her distinctive vocals—somehow both powerful and girlish at the same time.”

Reju’s “When the Curtain Falls” earned 1st place in the Pop/Adult Contemporary category and 2nd Place Overall in the 2009 100% Music Songwriting Contest, and earned top-12 finalist status in the 2009 NY Songwriters’ Circle Competition

Two songs from the album, “Heartless” and “The Waiting Room,” appeared in the Hallmark movie Flower Girl, which first aired in November 2009.

Now living in her hometown of New York City, Adrien Reju continues to tour regionally while working on a new solo project.     

                                                                *****************************************  Geez Louise is a loosely-assembled, occasional performing group currently comprised of Tom Benton (guitar, vocals), Tim Mack (bass), Billy Riker (guitar, vocals) and Don Malone (drums).  The band will perform material written by Tom Benton and a few covers.  Tom Benton is the owner and operator of the Tom Benton School of Music located in Woodstock, NY.  Billy Riker is an internationally recognized guitarist who performs regularly with Joey Eppard and the band, 3.  Tim Mack is a life-long musician who has performed regionally with many bands and artists throughout his years.  Don Malone is a successful drum teacher who will begin musical studies at the SUNY at Fredonia this coming fall.


August, 2012



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