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Carolyn Wonderland


The reigning queen of Austin blues, Carolyn Wonderland sparks fire on guitar and soulful fury in the force of her vocal grit. Since 2011’s Peace Meal, fans have reveled  in Wonderland’s rough and raw Janis Joplin-esque howl and burn-down blues, she’s lent her impeccable riffs to a number of albums, including the LP from the Stooges’ James Williamson, Re-licked.

Wonderland was a founding member of the Loose Affiliation of Saints and Sinners (with Papa Mali, Eldridge Goins, Guy Forsyth and others), with several of her songs being featured on their Sessions from the Hotel San Jose Rm She was also the lead guitarist in the all-girl, southern rock band Sis DeVille (other members includevShelly King, Sarah Brown, Lisa Pankratz and Floramay Holliday), and a founding member of the Austin Volunteer Orchestra.

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Doors 8 pm  Show time 9 pm

Tickets $12  adv   $15 Day of Show

Doors 8 pm  Show time 9 pm

Tickets $12  Advance   $15 Day of Show

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